Storage Services


this section doe snot work at all for me as I can not log in. It does not explain how I get an account to login.

Using Indiana Universities Storage Services from FutureGrid

FutureGrid does not provide an HPSS server. However, if you have an IU account (available only for IU faculty, staff, and students), you can use the following services from india:

  • SDA service
  • HSI, the Hierarchical Storage

Interface client is available in india.

To use the HSI client on india:

  • First, activate your SDA account as descreibed in the MDSS Service Starter Kit documentation.

  • Then, from india, load the HSI module as follows:

    $ module load hsi
    hsi version 3.5.3 loaded
  • Connect to the SDA:

    $ hsi -A combo
    Principal: your_iu_userid
    Username: your_iu_userid  UID: 1122636  Acct: 1122636(1122636) Copies: 1 Firewall: off [hsi.3.5.3 Fri Nov 20 10:01:25 EST 2009]

Your principal is your IU Network ID, and your password is the IU passphrase.

  • Enable firewall mode; otherwise, you will receive this error:

    put: Error -5 on transfer
    ? firewall -on
    A: firewall mode set ON, I/O mode s<et to extended (parallel=off), autoscheduling currently set to OFF
  • List local folder:

    ? lls
  • List the current directory in HPSS:

    ? pwd
    pwd0: /hpss/pathtoyouriuusername
  • For transferring files (put and get), search the IU Knowledge Base.