8.1. PAPI



PAPI is an acronym for Performance Application Programming Interface. The PAPI Project is being developed at the Computer Science Department of the University of Tennessee’s Innovative Computing Laboratory. This project was created to design, standardize, and implement a portable and efficient API (Application Programming Interface) to access the hardware performance counters found on most modern microprocessors.  For more information, please see the user guides listed below.  Read more ...

8.1.1. Availability

PAPI 4.2.0 is available on the Bravo machine and PAPI version is available on the Xray machine. To load PAPI on Bravo, ‘module add papi’ as below:

$ module add papi
    papi version 4.2.0 loaded

$ env | grep papi


To load PAPI on Xray, type ‘module add xt-papi’ as below:

$ module add xt-papi
$ env | grep PAPI

  PAPI_POST_LINK_OPTS= -L/opt/xt-tools/papi/ -lpapi -lpfm
  PAPI_INCLUDE_OPTS= -I/opt/xt-tools/papi/``

Our plans are to make PAPI 4.2.0 available on Alamo, India, Sierra, and Hotel when the machines are upgraded to Redhat 6.