Building an Educational Appliance from Ubuntu 10.04ΒΆ

This is a short tutorial describing how to build an educational virtual cluster appliance starting from an Ubuntu 10.04 image. A more detailed description is given at Testing Grid Appliance.

#. Deploy an Ubuntu 10.04 appliance locally. You can download an Ubuntu 9.10 VMware appliance here, or create an instance on FutureGrid of an Ubuntu 10.04 VM. ? #. Sudo to root and install the grid-appliance baseline package as follows:

  1. apt-get install wget

  2. echo “deb?

    contrib” >> /etc/apt/sources.list

  3. wget?

  4. apt-key add repo.key

  5. apt-get update

  6. apt-get install grid-appliance-base

  7. To configure the appliance to connect to a GroupVPN, use one of the following two options:

    1. To use a default GroupVPN and connect to a public pool hosted at UF, simply install the package?apt-get-install grid-appliance-public-pool.
    2. To use our defined Group:
      1. Create a GroupVPN and GroupAppliance at For an example, see Deploying independent appliance pools.
      2. In the GroupAppliance interface, download and extract the floppy configuration file for a client (floppy.img) and place it in/opt/grid_appliance/etc/floppy.img .
      3. /etc/init.d/ restart
  8. Within a few seconds, your appliance should obtain a virtual IP address on the virtual network interface tapipop. Once it does, wait a few seconds and type?condor_status to check the status of other nodes in the pool; you may need to retry a couple of times until connected.