Stand Allone Web Server

Often it is convenient to test some features of the metrics framework. If you do not have access to a preinstalled web server, we offer you to use lighttpd.

Instalation of lighttpd

All you need to do is to insall lighttpd in your machine and make sure you have it in your path.

Using the Standalone server

Make sure you download the code from github.

Generate the code and install it on your system with:

make force

Than go into the lighttpd directory and say:

cd lighttpd
make start

If you like to sop the server say:

make stop

Browsing the contents

To browse the contents of the created data, simply open your browser and type in the address

Thats all you need to do, it is that simple.

If you are interested in providing us with a better framework for

  • drupal
  • web2py

or you want to improve the current lighttpd code, please contact