Cloud Mesh

A project to interface easily with multiple clouds from the commandline and a command shell.


cm manage initialize --user<name> --password <password>

  • connects to FG and retrieves important information for you to use
  • uses an ssh connection to connect to a FG service to retrieve the information
  • if the connection is refused n=5 times within the hour the
  • account is disabled
  • if the command is called more than 10 times a day the account is disabled

cm project list

lists the projects a user is in

cm project --info <number>

  • retrieves information about the project
  • if the user is the manager or lead it returns member information

cm project --activate <number>

  • activates charging for this project
  • subsequent calls are charged against this project

cm project --deactivate

  • deactivates any charge of a project

cm env

  • prints the environment and its variables currently associated with cm

cm resource --list

  • lists the resources available for the user

cm service --list

  • list the services in the cloud mesh

cm service register

see fg-inventory

cm resource register

see fg-inventory

cm image --list

  • list the images

cm id --list

  • list all ids and their types

cm label --id <id>

  • associates a human readable lable with an id

cm create <label>

cm destroy <label>

cm terminate <label>